About Jamie:

Hey Guys,

I’m Jamie Cornell, I’m 29, I live in Adelaide South Australia and I have a beautiful wife (Isabelle) and three amazing kids (Anna, Elodee and Riley). I starting riding motorbikes in 2007 and mostly rode at home on our own track with my 2 brothers.

I started on a 2004 RM125 and it wasn’t long before I wanted to start racing competing in the junior ranks. Whilst winning was unfortunately out of hand I had a huge love for the sport. My dad purchased me a brand new 2008 Black edition CRF250 and my skills were getting better and better until I unfortunately broke my Femur in 2009 which lead to a lot of time off the bike but was back racing in 2011 until 2014 where I lost the love for riding and it disappeared from my life

Thankfully in 2018 I picked up an old YZ450F which needed lots of work and out of this my love was back in full swing and within a hand full of rides I was in the saddle of a brand new KTM SXF450 and with that I spent every weekend at the track and got my self back racing with some local club rounds and the South Australian state titles in 2020 finishing 9th in Clubman category

My love for Suzuki has always been strong! (As anyone who has had one would know) and in 2021 I purchased a 2021 RMZ 250 and was able to make it look how I always wanted and managed to get some extra power from the motor. At the end of the season I again finished in 9th but at the end of the season starting showing a lot more speed with some much better places in races.

Moving into 2023 I have now also purchased a 2021 RMZ450 and plan to race the full season with all club days and state titles as well as some enduro rounds!

Purchasing my merch supports me in a huge way with helping ease the financial side of racing whilst having people around me rep my brand. I really appreciate every sale and look forward to seeing you at the races

See you at the track!